Custodianship and Karmic Duty_World Yoga Day 2016_Panel

Published on July 29, 2016 by yoga4tv

What might we learn by practising full focus and full presence in this country with its traditional custodians and all they have to teach ?

“Law tells us if you a re born of this land, you are of this land and you have a responsibility to it”
Tjanara Goreng-Goreng

For at least 60,000 years and more likely since the beginning of humanity, Aboriginal people have been Caring for Country. Deep interconnection with this land comes from the ability to listen, to learn, to receive and to give back. This year Yoga Australia , Off the Mat, Into the World and International Yoga Teacher’s Association are all embarking on the epic journey of real reconciliation. Come with us .

Panelists :

Uncle Greg Simms
Gumaroy Newman
Aunty Margaret Campbell
Rami Sivan
Cynthia Sciberras
Convened by Cate Peterson

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