Panel_Yoga and Indigenous Australia

Published on June 23, 2015 by yoga4tv

World Yoga Day Bondi Beach Panel Event

While many of us associate yoga only with physical postures, as a tool for human evolution, yoga serves the needs of the society to which it is introduced in diverse ways, including – and beyond – physical health. Here in Australia, we are blessed to live amongst the oldest continual culture on earth. 50,000 years of Aboriginal culture has a lot to teach us all. What would the conversation and learning look like if yoga and first nation Australia were to meet? Which aspects of First Nation Aboriginal culture can inform and enhance our yoga practice? Perhaps a more embodied understanding of the oneness of all things, the necessity to care for country, the practice of sound as a precursor to all existence… for a start. On the flip side, how might the principles and practices of yoga support First Nation people in this country to reclaim their own health, and assist in addressing the legacy of physical and mental mayhem imposed on First Nation culture since European arrival?

Cate Peterson – Host
Min Mia
Chris Tobin
Mark Breadner
Jose Calarco
Ana Forest



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